siNUsoid V7

NIIT University brings to you its annual technological fest - siNUsoid V7


siNUsoid: Where technology, tradition, and charity converge. A transformative tech festival that nurtures young minds, instilling the power of technology at the right age and time. It's a beacon of hope, fostering personal growth and embracing change. Through the harmonious blend of innovation and heritage, siNUsoid weaves a tapestry of boundless possibilities. Moreover, it's a movement of compassion, using technology to make a positive impact and leaving a lasting imprint on the people who come across it.

Total Events
Total Prize Pool
INR 210000+


Battlefield for quick thinkers and ingenious coders. You have to strap on some caffeine for this one dude…



You thought hacking ended it all? Nuh uh.



We can’t just let the gamers slide man. They gotta pay up with a whole lotta X-Games mode!



Stalls for the rest of the geeks who’re into food. Who isn’t? Yeah that’s what I thought


What is the technical fest at NIIT University, and when is it taking place?

NIIT University's annual technical fest, November 3-5, showcases student talent in diverse fields, featuring projects, workshops, and competitions. An inspiring event!

Who can participate in the technical fest?

The fest is open to all students from NIIT University and other academic institutions.

Are there any prerequisites to participate in the technical fest events?

While some events may have specific requirements, most are open to participants with a passion for technology and innovation. Detailed event descriptions will be provided during registration.

What types of events and competitions can participants expect?

Participants can expect robotics challenges, hackathons, coding competitions, paper presentations, quizzes, workshops, and keynote sessions by industry experts.

Will there be opportunities to interact with industry professionals during the technical fest?

Yes, the fest provides networking opportunities with guest speakers, industry representatives, and successful alumni.

How can I register for the technical fest?

Registration details will be announced soon. Keep an eye on our official website and social media channels for updates on registration.