The dream of bridging the gap between knowledge and practical implementation. The zest to better oneself in the field of one’s preference. The desire to transcend the limitations of a classroom and learn from the maestro. The fruition? siNUsoid.


On November 15th, 2019, NIIT University will host the third version of siNUsoid. With the theme as Digital Disarray, we intend to delve deep into the chaos of technology. The three days of challenges and mind-boggling experiences shall leave you breathless.


The Annual Gaming Fest of NIIT University, hosted by Sinusoid. Pro teams from all over the country compete for rewards and more importantly, bragging rights. It does not matter how you die, it’s how well you respawn.

Now introducing - Re:Spawn WEEKLY : winner winner chicken dinner; every Wednesday, come challenge skilled players; play for free or compete in a prize pool to win big. Every week, a new game to conquer.

15 - 17 November 2019