Monte-carlo simulation in LTspice

I have been exploring LTspice recently and came across this awesome article which explains monte carlo simulation in LTspice. I wanted to see what is the probability distribution of randomization functions in LTspice. Before that, here is a brief explanation of monte-carlo methods and how it applies to circuit simulation. Monte carlo method: All… Read More »

SP Road experience

Here is my experience of visiting SP road in Bangalore to buy some electronic components. Some comments on the shops I visited. 1. NSK electronics: They have electronics kits, some discrete components, robotics spares like motors etc. Their shop is in a small gully in the main road. Their manufacturing facility is also nearby in… Read More »

About Apple Watch

Apple introduced their take on the wearable gadgets last month called the Apple Watch. Well, its actually named as “<apple logo> WATCH”. Its strange how apple names its gadgets. But anyway, here are some of my thoughts about it. Mostly about hardware. The user interface problem: Before Apple revealed the watch, I was reading the… Read More »

Interesting links #1

I have the habit of browsing the world wide web for hours on end. And usually come across many interesting links which I keep preserving as firefox tabs to read later but never get around to most of it. And the tabs keep growing and growing. So, I thought to post those interesting links periodically… Read More »

About “G R A V I T Y”

I finally got to watch the movie, “G R A V I T Y” today (yes, that’s how its typeset with spacings between capital letters), right before was taken off from theatres. Was an awesome experience. Both the realistic zero-g physics and critical human behaviour make it a great 90 mins to watch. Here are… Read More »

Making a USB AVR programmer

Okay. Now that I have an AVR programmer working (parallel port programmer), the original intent need to be served i.e to build a USB AVR programmer. USBasp ( is a simple and popular USB AVR programmer that uses V-USB’s bit-banging USB code ( to implement an AVR programmer. But, I didn’t want to make a… Read More »

First time AVR microcontroller programming

I’ve started to experiment with the AVR microcontrollers. The first hurdle for anyone who wishes to do so is a programmer. Options are to either buy one or build one. I didn’t want to shell out ~Rs.500 to buy one. But, building one is kind of a “chicken and egg” problem in that I need… Read More »

Electronics debugging philosophy

Following is a cool description I read in the book “CMOS Cookbook” by Don Lancaster on debugging philosophy: “The key rule is this: ALWAYS BLAME YOURSELF FIRST AND THE ICs LAST. Always assume that there is something incredibly wrong with your circuits when you first power them up. You’ll be right almost every time. In… Read More »

First post

Hello World! This is my first blog. Started after selecting a decent wordpress theme for the blog. Took about half hour to browse through the themes. There are very few decent ones. Some too plain, some too flashy, many have a cover picture which is a waste of half homepage, some are disorienting with no… Read More »