Location: ONLINE


Dates: 4TH OCTOBER 2021 - 10TH OCTOBER 2021

Welcome to the realm! A realm which does not judge, does not discriminate, but a realm where whoever you are, you are left no mercy! Strive as hard to survive, fight as hard to defeat because losing is not an option! So get ready for the showdown It's you against the world.

Get ready for the thrill and get your game pads charged, as siNUsoid V5 is back again with a revelation. Re:spawn - where mercy does not exist and winning is the deed. Get ready to witness gut wrenching battles, thrilling showdowns and exceptional head to head battles as games such as Valorant, CS-GO, COD and BGMI unravel its deeds.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Re:Spawn will be starting from 4th of October and will end on 10th of October. It will be an one-week event.
  2. There are five tournaments: Valorant, CS: GO, COD-Mobile (Search & Destroy), BGMI (TDM),BGMI (Classic)
  3. Matches will be taking place in two different slots, from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM and Between 09:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
  4. All the information regarding the tournaments, like how to join and everything will be communicated to team leader by either creating a WhatsApp group or on siNUsoid’s discord server so please make sure to join the discord server of siNUsoid.
  5. Entry to all the tournaments is free.

  1. Each team can have 1 substitute. This player cannot be part of any other team’s roster that is participating or has participated in the same tournament.
  2. Once the tournament starts, you cannot replace any player - unless necessary.
  3. A player is allowed to represent only one (1) team’s roster in the same tournament.
  4. A team will be disqualified if any member is found cheating.
  5. Every player must be registered on the tournament platform to compete.
  6. Rules are subject to change by Tournament Administrators at any given time if deemed necessary.
  7. The participants are requested to join the discord server as well.
  8. For more detailed Rules and Regulations of Re:Spawn go through this document

Note:Registration to any one or all the events of Respawn implies that you agree to all of our terms & conditions and Rules and regulations.

First of all, I would like to thank the organizers for curating such a lucrative event for us. As a person who loves gaming, the amount of excitement and adrenaline during the whole time of the event kept me on my toes. The event was conducted smoothly and I loved playing against the opposing team while being broadcasted live on youtube, which made me feel like a celebrity! Looking forward to next year's Respawn and maybe giving winning the championship a go.
Aayush Kumar Mahato

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