siNusoid, NIIT University is an initiative that aims to help students gain an understanding of the true essence of modern technology. siNUsoid is a platform for true technology enthusiasts to try, learn, and tread forward and you can help us implement this idea in the real world. With our Fest Ambassador program, you get a chance to be directly involved in organising our technical fest by helping us expand our network to your and others’ colleges and universities. But it doesn’t end there - there are exciting incentives for all our top ambassadors. So be a part of our organisation and learn something new everyday.

  • You are the face of the fest in your college and you will create a bond between the fest and the students of your college.
  • Various events, pre-events and workshops of the fest are promoted through various channels by the fest ambassador.
  • The fest ambassador will be the single point of contact (SPOC) for the students of their college. They will provide the students registering for events with all the information about the fest and will assist them as and when required.
  • Consistency and sincere nature towards the assigned tasks is of utmost importance.
  • The internship duration will be of 3 months: September, October and November 2021.
  • The program will urge you to get 25 active participants for all our events.

Being a fest ambassador provides you with a platform to connect and interact with several people and improve your marketing, publicity and social media skills. You get an idea about professionalism and work ethics by working in such an environment. You get an exposure to leadership and management skills which will help you in your future endeavors.
  • A certificate of excellence from siNUsoid. (getting 10+ active participations for each event)
  • A Letter of Recommendation (LoR) and recommendation from our LinkedIn page on exceptional performance (getting 25+ active participations for each event).
  • Promoting our fest will expose you to all our participating colleges and sponsors, giving you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and network.
  • You’ll be a recipient of exciting vouchers and goodies.


The fest ambassador program was a very unique experience for me. I got to work with different people which helped me expand my network and meet these incredible people. The tasks given were easy to get in and the program wasn’t just about completing tasks, I learned a lot about management and leadership skills. Plus the incentives are great, so that’s a bonus too! I recommend this program to everyone who wants to polish their social and communication skills.
Pragya Arora


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