Capture the Flag




A passionate hacker and a detective at heart is the combination this event looks for. CTF (Capture The Flag) is a style of hacking event where you have one goal: hack in and find the flag. Flags are placed in various locations -- they might be in a file, in the database, stuck into source code, or otherwise -- and your goal is to hunt them all down.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Players have to compete individually.
  2. Brute forcing of flags is not tolerated or recommended.
  3. Automatic vulnerability scanners such as SQLmap are prohibited.
  4. Flags should be submitted as they are found rather than hoarding flags and submitting them all at once.
  5. If any participant is found sharing answers they will immediately be disqualified.
  6. Students have a time of 4 hours to solve the questions of the CTF.
  7. The student who reaches the final destination first wins.
  8. Students are required to solve tricky questions which can be made using ciphers and encryptions as well.
  9. The decision of the organizers in declaring the results will be final. No queries in this regard will be entertained.
CTF was one of the most thrilling experiences for me. This event gave me a platform to display my talent and at the same time helped me recognise my shortcomings while working under such competitive pressure. The amount of passion I had for hacking got only magnified with the learnings and recognition received from participating in this event. This event, for me, was full of fun and mesmerizing experiences.
Sai Kumar

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