COD-Mobile "Search and Destroy", in this mode Players take the side of either the attacker or defender. The attacker must plant a bomb in one of the designated areas of the map. The defender must defuse the planted bomb or kill all the attackers to score a win.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The usage of ‘jailbroken’ or ‘rooted’ devices in tournament matches is not permitted.
  2. Do not join an official tournament lobby if you are not part of the team that is playing. Ineligible players that do join are at risk of being banned from the tournament or receive other penalties.
  3. During an ongoing tournament, players are not allowed to change their in-game names. Clan Tags before in-game names are allowed to be changed.
  4. Usage of cheats, hacks or any other third-party applications that give you an unfair advantage over your opponents will result in immediate disqualification. Teams or players may also be banned from future tournaments
  5. For more detailed Rules and Regulations of CoD Mobile go through this document

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