Case Study

Date & Time : 21st November 2020, 12:00-14:00


A simulation of a real-life business challenge, Case Study, invites you to devise your strategy for efficient resource utilization, ideate new ways to evolve a start-up, and even find new ways to deal with a high-pressure situation involving a real-world scenario. Participants are given a Case Study and have to develop the best solution within an allocated time frame. The one with the most feasible solution wins cash prizes and vouchers.


  • Winner: 1500 INR + Souled Store Vouchers
  • Second Place: 750 INR+ Souled Store Vouchers

Guidelines Of The Event:

• The Participants will be allotted the Case Study 13 hrs prior to the event to which they have to develop and present a feasible solution.
• Time limit of the presentation: 7 mins + 5 mins Q&A
• Participants can participate individually or in groups of 2.
• The decision of the judges is final and binding.