Business Conclave




A simulation of a consummate platform for upcoming commerce and science students to apply their knowledge and present their ideas. The event shall contribute towards kindling the latent entrepreneurial spirit of young students by making them face and solve real-time problems.

The event will consist of pairs of two as a team - a technical and a non-technical member. The teams shall be provided with a real-time problem for which they shall have to devise a solution and present their ideas on the day of the event. The winners will get an opportunity to put forth their ideas to the company.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Each team consists of 2 participants.
  2. The contest duration is for 120 minutes.
  3. The contest will contain questions with different levels and weights.
  4. The decision of the organizers in declaring the results will be final. No queries in this regard will be entertained.
The business conclave not only tested my managing skills but also my problem-solving and analytical skills. Given a problem statement, my teammate and I brainstormed over deriving the perfect business solution to it, after researching and analysing the current situation. Another interesting thing was that the problem statement fit in the real-world and thus we could relate to it.
Overall, it was a fun and curiosity-sparking experience.
Ussam Hussain Siddiqui

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